Stroke and neurological rehabilitation

When someone has a stroke or head injury, they are initially seen at a hospital for acute care. As things stabilize they often go to a rehab center, short term care home, or receive home health care.  For some, this is enough to regain their pre-injury function. But, many find they still have significant problems balancing, walking, or performing activities of daily living. Where do you turn? Is there help once the hospital and rehab discharges you?

Island Neuro Rehab is an outpatient therapy clinic that is there for anyone with a neurological injury that hasn’t fully recovered.  Our therapists have decades of experience working with clients suffering from Stroke, Parkinson’s disease, brain diseases and injuries, chronic dizziness, vertigo, and a long list of movement problems. We offer extensive knowledge and specific programs for stroke rehabilitation, head injury recovery, Parkinson’s disease, Movement disorders, cerebellar dysfunction, encephalitis, and other neurological problems. We utilize specialized techniques such as transcutaneous vagal nerve stimulation for stroke rehab, overhead harness treadmill balance training, persistent vertigo treatment, Virtual reality training, Neurolastic ™ training, and many other unique approaches to helping our clients regain their previous function, improve their walking, reduce dizziness and vertigo, and restore as much function as possible.

There are many physical therapy clinics in Hawaii but only one clinic that specializes in neurologic rehabilitation and therapy for movement disorders. We pick up where the others leave off. We take great pride in helping clients with complex problems improve and reach their goals.

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