Balance training and fall prevention

Falls result in more hospitalizations, nursing home admissions, and fatalities than any other single condition. People over the age of 65 have a 1 in 4 chance of falling, each and every year (Source CMS, 2020). Once a person has a serious fall, the chance of a second fall increases by 80%. Falling not only can cause an injury, but they change people’s lives and independence . We are committed to helping the people of Hawaii reduce their chance of falling.

Island neuro rehab is the only clinic in Hawaii to offer this unique approach to balance rehabilitation and fall prevention. We utilize a proprietary balance retraining approach known as Neurolastic ™ training , a completely new way to approach balance training and fall-prevention. It is based on the concept of Progressive Balance challenge as opposed to traditional strength training and walking. It involves providing increasingly difficult challenges to the client to increase their balance and coordination in the same way humans learn to balance in the first place. Neurolastic training involves hundreds of unique activities that allow the fastest improvement in walking, balance, and fall reduction. It has helped thousands of clients quickly regain their balance and independence Comprehensive fall prevention with a focus on geriatric conditions. Based on hundreds of studies and meta-analysis, Neurolastic™  activities have been shown to be highly effective for fall prevention and improved balance.

We also help clients improve their walking technique, their ability to recover from falls, and provide lifestyle and home modification instruction to reduce the chance of injury from future falls.