What is the

INR Balance Program?

The core of the INR Balance Program is a protocol of more than 400 exercises, activities, and movements that helps patients recover or retain their ability to walk independently.
Most other physical therapy programs focus on endurance and strength exercises, which produce only marginal results.
By contrast, the INR Balance Program focuses on coordination, balance and movement control, producing superior patient outcomes and greater patient satisfaction.

Q. How long does a typical program last?
A. Each program is custom tailored to each individual, but the typical patient sees an improvement in balance after only 10 visits. Most patients are seen for 8-10 weeks under their insurance plan.


Q. What is the success rate?
A. The average patient has 36% improvement in their balance after only 10 visits, based on their performance on standardized balance tests.

Q. What’s different about the INR Balance Program?
A. It constantly challenges you. By doing so, it will help to improve your balance as quickly as possible and keep you living independently.

Q. Does insurance cover the INR Balance Program's treatment?
A. If a person has experienced a decline in their balance that reduces their ability to walk or has resulted in falls, it may be covered under their health insurance. We take most insurance plans. Please contact our office. 

The INR Balance Program is cutting edge physical therapy. It is supported by the most current research and it employs evidence-based methods.
Our clinical experience shows marked improvement in our patients’ ability to walk independently and retain an active lifestyle.

Why use the

INR Balance Program?

Progress after 3 weeks